Code of Conduct

Terms and Conditions | Principles of Ethics

Believing that predictions do not empower the clients to choose the changes and empower their self-discovery, I view the Tarot as a transformative tool leading the querent through changes in the life’s journey and refuse to acknowledge the Tarot as a fortune-telling tool.

As such; although I accept that the Tarot is not a replacement for professional counseling, I believe that the craft of Tarot reading is a meaningful art that necessitates similar extraordinary diligence. Therefore, in all readings; I yearn to aggregate my intuition, ever-growing knowledge and compassion to lead the client to find out and reach the outcomes that they truly desire. In doing so, I strive to empower the querents to explore difficult issues with insight and enable them to determine potential actions that would serve as positive steps.

In my understanding; the Tarot is the language in which the messages that we need to know are communicated through. To get most out of that process, I disclose my values and principles  in order to ensure that the contemplations of the querents would be able to be fulfilled; and neither the reader nor the querent would be jeopardized in the process.

Impartiality & Unprejudicedness

Acknowledging that no human being is same with another and rejoicing over this diversity, all querents would be treated with equal respect and optimum rigor and care in a reading. Believing that performing a Tarot Reading requires an open mind and heart, all readings shall be free from undue bias or prepossession and shall be delivered with compassion, consideration, respect and sensibility to the situation and integrity of the querent.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Acknowledging that a Tarot reader is entrusted with sensitive and/or private information, strict confidentiality is paramount to any reading. As such; any factual or subjective (personal) information of a querent shall only be used for the purpose of the Tarot reading,  and shall never be disclosed or (directly or indirectly) communicated to another person, organization or institution. Details of a reading, except when required by law,  shall not be shared by any other person or persons other than the querent unless express permission is given by the querent.

Empowerment of the Free Will

Believing that the Tarot is not a fortune-telling tool, no reading would predict future, which itself is not set in stone. In accordance with my understanding of the Tarot, all readings would aim to provide the querents with guidance, counsel and help to achieve the outcomes they truly desire, and act in accordance with their conscience and intuition. The querents always maintain their free will and therefore maintain the responsibility of choosing their own path. As such, the querents alone  are responsible for the results of the decisions made or actions taken by them, as well as their own happiness, health, well-being and safety.

Scope of Expertise

Acknowledging that a Tarot reading does not substitute legal, financial, medical, or psychological aid or advice; no reading would constitute such a professional help or advice. As such; any advice that falls out of the expertise of the craft of Tarot reading shall never be provided, and the querents would be recommended to consult licensed professionals for advice or aid of a legal, financial, medical, or psychological nature, wherever necessary.

Boundaries & No-Goes

Acknowledging that a Tarot reading should leave the honor, dignity, and integrity of both the querent and the reader intact, if not enhanced; readings shall be provided within some borders. As such;

  • No readings shall be knowingly performed for minors under 17 years of age.
  • No readings shall be provided for any other person than the querent, and no readings shall be conducted on questions about any other person than the querent.
  • No readings shall be provided on the subjects that involve serious crimes; including but not limited to homicide, murder, attempted murder, sexual assault or assault and in the knowledge of those, relevant authorities shall be informed.

Payment Issues & Refund Policy

Readings shall be performed within one week of payment. Please note that no reading will be carried out unless and until the payment is made. In the cases of a delay or impossibility to perform a reading on my side; if the payment has already been made, a full refund will be given. Due to the time and energy invested in a reading, no refunds will be given for a completed reading.

Legal Disclaimer

All Tarot readings are performed for “entertainment” purposes only.

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