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Tarophilia, The Tarophile’s Blog is an individual enterprise that aims to aid the burdensome fact-finding, research and analysis endavours of fellow Tarot readers while illustrating an authentic quest into this phenomenal tool.

I’m Zak, the Tarophile behind Tarophilia. I have been studying for all of my lifetime; first natural sciences, then social sciences (actually currently striving for a Master’s degree) and now Tarot. Engaging life with Tarot, for me has already proved to be indispensible, and I am looking forward to advance and share what I have learnt so far.

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I see Tarot as a circular journey, deepening and functionalizing with the study of the Tarot itself and other modalities; without an ultimate “optimum” point. So far, it has already been a tool of enrichment, enlightenment, manifestation, communication and discovery for me, and I am curious about what waits ahead.

Welcome to Tarophilia – let’s find out together!