Card Profile: King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles is the patriarch of the Court of Pentacles; and as such, he not only represents abundance and wealth; but also stands for authority and control over them; providing for a sense of security.


The King of Pentacles is depicted in a black robe decorated with grapes and vine leaves over his armor; sitting upon a throne decorated with carvings of bulls and vine-leaves. Beneath and around him there are grapevines, flowers, and other plants; surrounding him and his throne; even his crown is garnished with flowers. The King of Pentacles holds his staff in his right hand and a pentacle in his left hand. In the background, a large castle is visible.
The grapes and leaves on the King’s robe suggest that the King of Pentacles has grown to the vitality and abundance he enjoys today from exiguity. In other words, he has fought tooth and claw to manifest his ideas and realize his aspirations. The armor beneath the robe strengthens this symbolism, implying that the King is still ready to get his teeth into another if that is necessary to protect the prosperity of his Kingdom. The plants surrounding the King and his throne stand for the attainment of material aspirations at the highest level. This attainment is procured by the King’s (will)power, represented by the staff in his right hand; and by the influence secured by this willpower, represented by the pentacle in his left hand. The castle in the background represents the security and the accumulation of wealth.


The King of Pentacles stand for wealth and power; preserving and growing those by self-control (discipline) and ambition. Then, it can be described as a card of fulfilment of material aspirations and ultimate success. In a reading, it might represent the final action in a project, business venture or task, after which one would enjoy the fruits of his labor. The King of Pentacles also implies that through only a methodical analysis and well-planned approach one could achieve a major success, advising one to inform himself and act accordingly both in social and financial ventures.
A person represented by the King of Pentacles would be true to his word, diligent, patient and he would be wise and experienced especially in the issues related to the material aspirations and processes; such as business, money, wealth, politics (or power) and so on. That being said, he would have overcome the selfishness and rather than using his wisdom and experience to serve his ends; he would rather use them to maintain his financial security and independence. Career-wise, this card indicates a stage of major and permanent accomplishment, and calls one to share his wisdom and experience with the others in the work-environment while enjoying the great success.  In the relationship context, the King of Pentacles implies a committed and focused long-term relationship, warning against rigidity and monotony.
All in all, the King of Pentacles stands for a fully-fledged manifestation of material aspirations; and a complete authority over that manifestation.

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