Card Profile: Queeen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles is the matriarch of the Court of Pentacles; as such, this card stands for a down-to-earth, practical stage in the manifestation of material aspirations.


The Queen of Pentacles is depicted as an ageless lady, dressed in green, white and red. She sits upon a throne garnished with ram heads, angels, and fruits. Nature surrounds the Queen of Pentacles; the ground beneath her feet shows the earth busting out with all sorts of plants abundantly, and an effloresced tree reaches out above her head. Furthermore, there is even a rabbit jumping into the card on the right-hand side. The Queen of Pentacles holds a pentacle in her hands, and her rather deep gaze seems to be affixed to it.
The color of Queen’s dress symbolizes her mental fertility, the protection and healing provided by her, and finally her strength and energy to manifest her abilities and cater for the prosperity. The earth busting out with plants and the flowering tree suggest that some degree of abundance has already been demonstrated in such a way that it can sustain on its own. The rabbit which is jumping into the card refers to fertility, vitality, and abundance; but it also warns against vulnerability to the dangers of desire and avarice.


The Queen of Pentacles stands for the practical stage of manifestation of material aspirations, denoting well-organized execution of many roles, acquisition of multi-dimensional skill sets and so on. As such, it stands for prosperity and security; advising for employing a helpful and compassionate approach to the others while leading a balanced life.
A person represented by this card would, therefore, be motherly, attending both to her family and work excellently; and sharing with those who are in need whenever possible. Moreover, she would also be practical and have incredible organization skills, through which she can cope with multiple responsibilities. In the relationship context, the Queen of  Pentacles calls for being caring, compassionate and down-to-earth in the interaction with the others; especially to tackle the problems in an established relationship or to strengthen it. Career-wise, the Queen of Pentacles indicates a well-managed balance between the work at home and shows success, financial independence, and stability. Furthermore, it also signifies that one is of experience and good reputation in the workplace; shadowing forth a higher salary, more prestigious assignments or a manager role.
All in all, the Queen of Pentacles is a card which suggests one’s compassionate but diligent management of both himself and his responsibilities.

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