Card Profile: Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles represent the efficiency and methodicalness in the manifestation of material processes; as such it might stand for a well-established routine or fiscal conservatism.



The Knight of Pentacles is depicted as sitting upon a black horse, gazing on a pentacle he is holding in his hands. The harness of his horse is red, and so is the red tunic he is wearing over his armor. The Knight of Pentacles is not illustrated on the go; he is the only Knight of the Tarot Arcana who is neither moving nor making headway. The Knight of Pentacles seems to be situated on a furrowed field, with a few trees and a mountain chain in the background.
The black horse indicates the necessity to keep subconscious hidden and under control to make progress in aspirations; which are symbolized by the red harness and the overgarment of the same color (red) of the Knight. The horse is not on the go as the driving force for the manifestation of the material aspirations cannot be the dark side of one’s subconscious. The furrowed field, similar to that in the Page of Pentacles, imply that no plans give fruits immediately and one has to invest and wait.


The Knight of Pentacles underlines the importance of the determination and being methodical for the successful manifestation of material processes. As such, a person represented by this card; would be diligent, detail-oriented, patient, and above anything else; committed and loyal. Whatever the venture is, he would persist until he succeeds. In the relationship context, the card indicates a consistent relationship and warns against monotony, advising the partners to make time for each other. If one is seeking a relationship, the Knight of Pentacles advises not giving up, regardless of how long he has been waiting . Career-wise, the Knight of Pentacles indicates the necessity of meticulous planning and the hard work required to execute that plans; it is a card of well-managed and diligent labor.
Summing up, the Knight of Pentacles is all about routine, planning, and sticking to plans with determination.

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