Card Profile: Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles, being the youngest of the Court of Pentacles, represent new opportunities on the material plane, such as new business ideas, financial opportunities or a new job.



Page of Pentacles is depicted as a young man, focused on the pentacle he holds between his hands; wearing a green tunic and a red hat. He stands alone in the middle of a green field, just next to him are the blossoming flowers. In front of him, lays a plantation; and behind him, there is a small wood of lush trees. Far behind, a mountain chain is visible.

The predominant color of the card is green; as both the clothes of the Page and his surroundings are depicted in the said color, which makes fruitfulness and growth as the principle symbolic meaning of the card. The color of the hat of the Page, red, corresponds to his mental energy and strength to manifest his productivity. His posture suggests that he is focused on his getting on the stage. The plantation before him implies that although there is a promise, there is no external manifestation yet; denoting that the Page is at initial stages of his venture yet. The blossoming flowers and the trees signify step-by-step progress. Also, the mountain chain far behind suggests that his venture is not without challenges, but with planning and focus, the Page would definitely overcome those challenges to accomplish his goals.


The Page of Pentacles represents a desire to manifest passions, especially those related to material worlds; and calls for gathering the energy to undertake the realization of that wishes. For that, it implies the necessity of definite plans, sharp focus and the determination to carry out the intends to reach a tangible outcome. Moreover, it also signifies the leaning towards wealth and economic prosperity, perhaps representing a tangible business venture.  A person represented by this card, therefore, would be committed, practical, enthusiastic, and highly entrepreneurial; he would furthermore have the diligence and organizational skills to succeed.

Career-wise, the Page of Pentacles represent a new start; and both the necessity and opportunity to expand in knowledge and technique. Moreover, this card also calls for meticulous planning and outlining the steps at both career level and in any specific job undertakings. In the relationship context; if one is looking for one, this card advises taking a more practical and planned approach. In an existing relationship, this card indicates that focusing on the practicalities and tangible aspects of the relationship might bring in much-needed romance and strength to the relationship and make it work.

All in all, the Page of Pentacles is the card of eager beginnings to manifestation, and shadows forth the prosperity if one is ready to invest himself.

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