Card Profile: Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles denotes the near completion stage of the material processes, as such; it represents culmination and self-sufficiency.



The Nine of Pentacles illustrates a middle-aged lady walking in a vineyard. On the left hand of this woman -who is dressed in a golden, flashy dress adorned with floral designs- a falcon sits. In the vineyard, the grapes are ripening, and the pentacles of the card are among those grapes. In the background, in front of the mountain chains, a large house is discernible.

The dominant color, gold, of the dress of the lady represents abundance and wealth; whereas the flowers suggest that this wealth is a fruit of investment and culmination. Supporting this correspondence, the ripening grapes and the pentacles among them suggest the rewarding accomplishment of all her goals. The falcon sitting on the left hand of the lady symbolizes her spiritual and intellectual strength and freedom. Moreover, the large house in the background suggests that the achievements are more of the permanent kind.


The Nine of Pentacles represents a stage of self-confidence and self-sufficiency; and therefore freedom. Thus, it suggests that any difficulty could be overcome through self-discipline and confidence. A person represented by this card, therefore, would be a self-made and independent individual, and would probably be well-mannered and graceful.

Career-wise, this card suggests that one would benefit more from his job, be it a promotion, a new office space or getting to stay at more luxurious hotels during business travels. If one is looking for a job, this card shadows forth a decent income and a fulfilling career path. In the relationship context, this card advises maintaining self-respect and the elegance both in established and potential romantic relationships.

Summing up, the Nine of Pentacles is about becoming self-sufficient, self-confident and building up the self-esteem; which would then lead to a harmony and peace with the surrounding environment.

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