Card Profile: Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles represents working hard, showing diligence to the extent of being painstaking; increasing knowledge and consequently producing steady results.



The Eight of Pentacles depicts a young man working on a pentacle of the card, another pentacle is on the floor; and the finished pentacles are on the wall. In the background, a town is visible.

The man is apparently absorbed in his work and plugged himself away from the others to apply himself totally to his work. He still has work to do; and he is dedicating himself to that work, paying attention to every single detail.


The Eight of Pentacles is a card of single-minded effort and determination to achieve mastery in the relevant skills, be it a business skill or a creative talent. This card indicates that through hard-working and diligent attitude, almost no undertaking would be impossible. Furthermore, this card also calls for trying to improve and get better by focusing on the details and to commit realizing rooted changes step-by-step. Being a card of slow but substantial progress, the Eight of Pentacles is a card of reassurance and encouragement.

A person represented by this card would not only be patient, but also detail minded, hard-working and dedicating, enjoying to develop himself and his skills continuously, with the goal of becoming an expert; although their perfectionism might be disturbing from time to time. In the career context, this card symbolizes an excellent worker, fully applying himself to work, and a right type of work environment to reach success. In the relationship context, this card calls for focus and dedication to the relationships, at least working on receiving and giving love as a part of the yearning for self-improvement.

All in all, the Eight of Pentacles is a card of quality, engagement, and focus; reminding that the good things are not built all and once, but constructed brick by brick.

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