Card Profile: Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles; standing for a harmonious stage of the material processes; depicts the dynamic congruity created by sharing the material wealth and having enough abundance to give some to the others.



The Six of Pentacles depicts three figures; one of them, apparently of a higher social standing than the others, is standing; whereas the other two figures are on their knees seeming to be begging. The man who is standing wears a purple jacket and leggings over his tunic; on his head, he has a hat of the same color. He holds a balanced pair of scales in his left hand and hands out some coins with his right hand. The men on their knees are covered by ragged clothes; their hands open in a receptive position.

The purple color of the standing man’s clothes symbolizes his exalted status and wealth; whereas the balanced pair of scales represents the sense of fairness and justice internalized by this. The act of sharing he performs his other hand imply that through sharing the abundance, the stability is maintained.


The Six of Pentacles annotates a harmony on the material level and the maintaining of that prosperity through generosity, charity; or more broadly through sharing the accumulated wealth. Thus, a person represented by this card would be kind, generous and overall positive; he would have an internalized sense of justice. Career-wise, this card would indicate a new opportunity to grow in skills and experience; and might signify a willing coach or advisor. Furthermore, the Six of Pentacles implies that it is not inappropriate to ask the community and give back to the community. In the relationship context, this card signifies a relationship through the help of friends; whereas in an existing relationship it might indicate that one partner is running the relationship emotionally, economically and energetically whereas the other is getting dependent on her, and calls for reestablishing the balance within a relationship.

To sum up, the Six of Pentacles is a card of giving and receiving, as the offset of the material processes is a dynamic one, rather than being motionless.

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