Card Profile: Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles depicts financial security, thriftiness and holding on to possessions.



The Four of Pentacles depicts a man sitting on a stool, holding on the pentacles of the card. Two of the pentacles are beneath his feet, one clutched between his arms, and one balanced on his head. In the background, a vibrant city is discernible.

The symbolism of this card can be deciphered through the position of the pentacles. To start with, the pentacle balanced on the head of the man symbolizes stability. Second, the pentacle clutched between the arms of the man implies possession and security. Finally, the pentacles beneath the feet of the man correspond to the control. Another important symbolism might be the vibrant city beneath the man, although there is dynamism and a greater community in the background, the man is so tied to his possessions that he cannot involve, or do anything else.

The creative impulses of man are always at war with the possessive impulses.

-Van Wyck Brooks


The Four of Pentacles indicate a certain level of progress in material pursuits and accumulation of some wealth, however, warns against being to possessive and greedy.

A person represented by this card, therefore; would be conservative and might be greedy, over-controlling and over-focused on his possessions, not sharing anything with others, be it material or not, and might not extend a hand to others at the times of need. In the relationship context, this card indicates not love, but the fear of loss might be ruling a relationship, causing alienation on the partner. Furthermore, it might also imply the need to be more generous, especially emotionally, for the survival of the relationship; rather than being selfish. Career-wise, this card signifies safety and stability, rather than significant changes. It also calls for stopping focusing only on increasing wealth and opening eyes to the other areas of life.

All in all, the Four of Pentacles is a card of conservation and custody of the possessions and not necessarily an indicator of tremendous changes.

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