Card Profile: Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles represent the initial fruition or fulfillment of the financial or more broadly, material, processes.



The Three of Pentacles depicts a young apprentice working in a cathedral, and discussing the details of the work with two architects, who are holding the plans of the cathedral in their hands. Although the two architects are experienced in the field, they seem to be listening carefully to the apprentice and acknowledging his contribution to the completion of the work.

The three figures of the card symbolize the teamwork and collaboration; as each of the figures contributes to the finalization of the work on Cathedral with their specialist pieces of knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the apprentice symbolizes the process of learning and acquiring practical skills


Three of Pentacles represents the initial manifestation of a material process, be it a creative or financial venture. As such, it might imply a new job or promotion coming, learning a new skill and so on. This card calls for working toward the fulfillment of the dreams, and not letting the enthusiasm wane.

In the career context, Three of Pentacles indicates teamwork and collaboration for completion of work and implies the respect among the team members for each other’s experience and knowledge. Furthermore, this card also calls for effective project management and planning to have a successful outcome. A person represented by this card would be hard-working, well organized and an efficient team-worker, always focused on getting the work done rather than entering power struggles. As such, they would receive any constructive criticism well.

In the relationship context, this card indicates that there might be a romantic involvement with someone enabled through the work environment; such as with a colleague or a customer; in any case, the relationship would start with work connection. In an existing relationship, this card calls for working together to overcome practical problems that might arise, rather than entering a power struggle.

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

-Mattie Stepanek

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