Card Profile: Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles is the first card of the Suit of Pentacles, and as such it represents the commencement and recognition of the resourceful processes.


Ace of Pentacles; like all the Aces we have examined before shows a white hand appearing out of the clouds and offering an object. In the Ace of Pentacles, that object is a pentacle. The landscape below the hand is a beautiful, well-groomed garden with white flowers, bushes, and mountains in the distance.
The element represented by the Pentacle is Earth, symbolizing the material world, body, and resources; including but not limited to money. The rich garden, accordingly, indicates wealth, prosperity, and a healthy environment for growth.
All money is a matter of belief.
-Adam Smith


Ace of Pentacles, like all other Aces, represent new beginnings, but this time on the material plane; indicating new financial opportunities and manifestation of the prosperity. As such, it shows abundance in all areas of life and taking the first step into the achievement of worldly goals.
In a reading, a person represented by this card would be entrepreneurial and proactive, identifying and seizing the opportunities before anyone else, and doing so in an energetic way. Career-wise, this card indicates many opportunities are arising to enable one to progress his career, and calls for focusing on new projects rather than existing ones. Furthermore, it constitutes a positive sign for new business ventures. In the relationship context, this card suggests looking at work environment for the romantic signs and indicates adding a financial layer to an existing relationship.
All in all, the Ace of Pentacles is a card of opportunities on the material and financial plane, calling one to seize these and manifest abundance over them.

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