Card Profile: Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands is the last numbered card of the Suit of Wands, and as such it represents the completion of the process of the manifestation. Interestingly, the said representation is not made by a depiction of the rewards, but by a scene which illustrates hard-work, tiredness, and getting under heavy burdens.


Ten of Wands depicts a man with a large bundle comprised of the wands of the card. Similar to the most of the figures in the Suit of Wands, the dominant color of his clothes is red. Although he is weighed down by that bundle, he is not far from the town he is walking towards.
Ten of Wands represents the realization (manifestation) of the passions (represent by the color of man’s clothes) and the burden coming from that realization. Still, the card shows that the load arising from the said realization or manifestation would not be a painful one.


Ten of Wands indicate that even with the achievement of the goals, significant responsibilities and commitments arise to keep up with the good work and preserve the success. Hence, it calls for greater efficiency in time management and warns against over-commitment. A person represented by this card would be struggling under a huge workload, due to his inefficiency in time management and prioritization or in general, business administration. Career-wise; this card advises that one cannot do everything and some of the workloads should be shared with colleagues to deliver more value. In the relationship context; this card generally calls for one’s absolving himself from some of the work affairs to create time to invest in “heart” affairs.
Summing up, Ten of Wands is a card which advises effective prioritization and management to be ever-present in different areas of life and not to miss out anything because of drowning in a sea of responsibilities.

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