Card Profile: Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands is the matriarch of the Court of Wands, as such she represents a warm determination and exuberance.


The Queen of Wands is depicted as sitting on her throne, dressed in a gold robe and white cape, holding a wand in her right hand, and a sunflower in her left hand. The back of her throne shows two lions facing each other, and sunflowers; while the arms of her throne show two lions facing the opposite direction. At her feet, there is a black cat, and in the background, the barren landscape and the sand pyramids can be discerned.
The Lions represent the strength; and the sunflowers symbolize that this strength has a creative character rather than a destructive one, as the sunflowers stand for joy and fertility. This symbolism is further strengthened by the wand the Queen holds in her right hand, which also symbolizes the blossoming life. The black cat at the feet of the Queen adds a magical aspect to this scenery and denotes the independence of the Queen, in addition to her esoteric interests and knowledge: what was the potential is now a fully fledged, determined manifestation.


The Queen of Wands denotes strength and independence at the face of animosity, and one’s unceasing determination to pursue his passion; no matter what. Thus, this card calls for staying courageous and determined about actions and decisions. A person represented by this card; in addition to being resolute and courageous, would be warm, gentle and helpful; still, in any case, she would be after her ambitions. Furthermore, a person represented by this card would also be charismatic and attractive. In the relationship context, this card indicates a new romantic relationship arising from social encounters. In an established relationship, it can be said to imply a strong friendship co-existing with an intense romance. Career-wise, this card shadows forth an inspiring energy which adds up to confidence and calls for leaving the worries behind for focus and determination.
To sum up, the Queen of Wands is a card which represents the action blended with emotion to create a warm, embracing expansion; and building the success, rather than battling for it.

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