Card Profile: Page of Wands

Page of Wands, being the youngest member of the Court of Wands, represents a passionate potential calling to mined and manifested.


Page of Wands depicts a young man in the middle of a barren land, looking at the wand in his hand confidently. The predominant color of his clothes is gold; although his leggings are red and the shirt he wears beneath his cape shows black salamanders. On his head, the young man wears a gray hat with a red feather on it. Behind him, in the barren land; three pyramids are visible.
The barren land in the background indicates that the passion and creativity of the Page are not yet manifested, and still a potential. The pyramids of sand show the magnitude of this potential.When it comes to the clothes, the red leggings indicate that he is moved by passion into transformation represented by the salamanders on his shirt which would lead him to abundance and prosperity represented by the predominant gold color of the clothes.  This process will conclude in a  higher understanding and inner peace, represented by the hat.


Page of Wands represents change and new beginnings, and passion which is not manifested; calling for following the budding passions but not to the extent of being over impulsive. A person represented by this card would be lively, would have a creative imagination and would be hungry for new ideas. Career-wise, this indicates the necessity of self-development and expanding one’s knowledge and expertise to increase the number of possibilities. In the relationship context, this card is an encouraging sign for new relationships and calls one to embrace new experiences. In an established relationship, the Page of Wands suggests looking for opportunities to grow and strengthen the relationship.
In short, the Page of Wands is the card of unmanifested potential, which would spark the overall transformation into a new mode of expansion and abundance.

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