Card Profile: Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands represents a stage where the courage and persistence paid off, and one has been able to persevere despite all setbacks, to carry out with the pursuit of passion through to the very end.



Nine of Wands depicts an injured man holding onto a wand to preserve his posture, surrounded by the remaining wands of the card. The injury appears to be on his head and arm, covered by a bandage; and he seems to be weary. When it comes to the apparel of the man, the primary color is red, with details in orange and gold. In the background, a bright and evergreen landscape can be discerned.
The color of man’s apparel represents his passions and that he has fought a battle for, and ready to battle again despite his weariness. His posture denotes a determination to move forward and take the last step for the full accomplishment of his goals, and although he is injured, he has the energy and ambition to move forward. Moreover, he is now protected by the wall formed by the eight wands of the card, corresponding to his previous victories and accomplishments which he counts on as sources of motivation and self-confidence.


Nine of Wands represents the final challenges arising before completion of the manifestation processes and indicates that one has enough determination and stamina to overcome that challenge as well and take the last step. Furthermore, this card also calls for making plans while keeping worst-case scenarios in mind. A person represented by this card would be resilient and confident, and he would have a high stamina. Career-wise, this card indicates a high level of tension and the possibility of one’s need to defend himself and his position. It might also shadow forth the possibility of financial setbacks and advise for acting conservatively. In the relationship context, this card calls for recognizing that every relationship is different and one should not carry the hurts of the past into the upcoming relationships and continue to be open. In an established relationship, this card calls for rather than being in the defense position, listening to criticism to strengthen the relationship.
Summing up, the Nine of Wands is a card of courage, order, and discipline that is strong enough to protect hardly achieved stability.

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