Card Profile: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is the second youngest figure of the Court of Wands; standing for the quest for quests and passion for passion; it is a card of untamed energy.


The Knight of Wands is depicted as on top of a horse, which is reared up with fervency. The Knight wears a gold-colored tunic decorated with salamanders over his armor, and the tassels which are hanging from his arms, his back, as well the plume of his helmet are of scarlet color.  The background, shows the barren land and three sand pyramids.
The color of the tassels and plume represents the fiery passion and fervency of the Knight for his quest, while his tunic; similar to that of the Page, represents his motivation for self-transformation into success. The posture of the Knight and his horse corresponds to his impulsiveness to take risks to realize his pursuit.


The Knight of Wands represents the pursuit of the new idea which budded with the Page of Wands, and it represents that the said quest is an energetic and fervent one. Thus, the Knight of Wands stands for impulsiveness and impatience. A person represented by this card, accordingly, would be energetic, ambitious and spontaneous; however, he would always be on the go. In the relationship reading, this card implies that sexual drives and dynamism are taking over the stage; and might be implying a passionate “no strings attached” fun. In an established relationship, this card calls for rediscovering the sexual energy to strengthen the pre-existing bonds. Career-wise, this card advises taking swift action to reap the most benefits, as both one’s psyche and the circumstances are ready to manifest productive energy and ambitions. Furthermore, this card indicates that one has both a significant amount of expertise and enthusiasm about his career, signifying a steady progress career-wise.
Summing up, this card calls for recognizing the conditions and manifesting the potential into reality, as the time is ready, advising for action and not thinking much at this stage.

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