Card Profile: King of Wands

King of Wands is the last card of the Court of Wand; representing the successful manifestation of all that has been contemplated, and the realization of all potential.


The King of Wands is illustrated as sitting on his throne, wearing a red robe and with a wand in his right hand. He wears a gold cloak decorated with salamanders eating their tails; attached to his robe with green details. The back of throne also shows similar salamanders in addition to lion engravings. At the feet of the throne, there is a little live salamander.
The wand in the right hand of the king represents life and creativity, whereas the lions and salamanders represent the strength and transformation. Furthermore, the salamanders eating their tails denote a self-sustaining and ever-continuing transformation. This dominant symbolism pointing out to creation through transformation is also strengthened by the fiery red color of the King’s robe (representing burning passion) and the green details of it (representing the blossoming life). Hence, the King of Wands can be considered as a leader rather than authority figure, as he undertakes more duties than simply maintaining.


The King of Wands is a visionary leader, sticking to his goals and making it happen; and advises one to lead his life consciously with long-term goals, rather than just going with the flow. King of Wands might also point out to a situation in confidence and certainty is essential. As such, career-wise, this card encourages one to be bold and move with creativity and self-confidence, which in turn, will inspire others as well. In fact, this card indicates a dynamic and successful career in a leadership position. A person represented by this card would be a man of vision, and he would shine with charisma and natural attractiveness. Having said that, sometimes that person might be a bit arrogant and demanding. In the relationship context, the King of Wands represent an appealing and generous company; but he might be there just for the “thrill”. In an established relationship, this card calls for enjoying the impending high sexual harmony, and the passionate connection it brings to the relationship. If there are problems in a relationship; this card might be calling for focusing on the goals of the relationship and trying to be constructive; if necessary with professional help.
To sum up, the King of Wands represents rooted transformation and burning passions which would sweep one’s foot from the floor to elevate him, if he is ready to hang on to the wind.

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