Card Profile: Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands is a card of sudden changes; advising for acting swiftly to harvest the most.


Eight of Wands depicts the wands of the card hurling through the air. It the background, a serene scene is illustrated; with a river flowing on a green landscape and with a few mountain tops in the background.
The pace of wands corresponds to the change and progress without any obstacles to slow one down. This correspondence is strengthened with the background; which shows healthy emotional and mental processes (represented by the river) nourishing and supporting one (represented by the landscape); with the obstacles and challenges (represented by the mountains) left far behind.
The best ideas will eat at you for days, maybe even weeks, until something, some incident, some impulse, triggers you to finally express them.
-Criss Jami


Eight of Wands suggest that a channel for the flow of the passion from potentiality into the reality has been opened and the goals contemplated are being manifested through that channel with focus and determination, and calls to take action to achieve and produce the most while the channel is still open. A person represented by this card would, therefore, be highly energetic, up-to-date with the most recent developments and action oriented. Career-wise, this indicates the necessity to act swiftly to seize the opportunities and move forward pretty quickly and in general, denotes swift but positive changes. In the relationship context, Eight of Wands shadows forth a great romance with which one is carried away; and in an already established relationship, it denotes another big step forward.
Summing up, the Eight of Wands is a card for intense and profound changes for the better and signifies a time when one is able to profess the passion “inside” into success.

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