Card Profile: Six of Wands

Six of Wands represents a victory, overcoming the challenges and progressing further with the undying passion.



Six of Wands shows a man wearing a laurel wreath and dressed in red as riding through a crowd, on a white horse (harnessed with a green fabric). He holds one of the wands of this card, and there is another wreath tied to that wand with a red ribbon. The crowd surrounding him seems to acknowledge his achievements and respect him.

The white horse represents the source of man’s strength; his purity; and the green fabric on it demonstrates his success. The clothes of the man and his posture suggest his self-confidence and passion move forward. The laurel wreaths on his head and top of the wand correspond to man’s victory over the challenges, and the crowd shows that he has also gained public recognition for what he has achieved so far.

Human nature demands recognition. Without it, people lose their sense of purpose and become dissatisfied, restless, and unproductive.     

-Ricardo Semler


The Six of Wands is a card of overcoming challenges (victory), success and gaining the recognition for it. Thus, it is not against owning the success but recommends to see that recognition and achievements as an encouragement rather than becoming self-centred and egotistical over hem. A person represented by this card is a recognized and performance-driven “achiever,” with a tendency to be boastful. Career-wise, this card indicates a success and receiving praise, recognition, and reward for a job well-done. In the relationship context; this card is a positive indicator, and calls for encouraging each other to be more self-confident and proud..

All in all, the Six of Wands indicates that a difficult obstacle has been removed and suggests to be inspired and encouraged by this great victory.

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