Card Profile: Three of Wands

Three of Wands represents the first step outside the comfort zone; into a new enterprise.



Three of Wands depicts a man standing on top of a hill; gazing over the sea. He is illustrated from the back; thus only his red cape and green shawl over it is discernible about his clothing. He is surrounded by the wands of this card, which are firmly stuck to the ground, and with his right hand, he holds one of them. On his head, he has a simple silver wreath.  Several ships are sailing on the sea, and in the distance, mountains at the other coast can be seen.
The man is out of his secure area, and has completed his preparations for his enterprise; ready to expand and face the challenges. The ships on the sea, represents his opportunities; and the mountains in the distance represent the challenges; at his current position, the man is able to foresee what is impending. He is fully committed to his endeavors (represented by his red cape), which -by now- have been translated into plans; and he has gathered his primary mental and material resources to pursue those, represented by his green shawl. The silver wreath represents that by pursuing his passion, he is to align with the Infinite Oneness; as this is what has been prepared for him.
It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
-Leonardo da Vinci


Three of Wands is an indication of plans are made and ready to be carried out; to enable one to maximize the realization of his potential. Furthermore, now that the plans are available and the motivation is enduring; it is a call to get into the action; thinking long-term, but taking one step at a time. A person represented by this card would have vision, passion and would be stern to follow his passions even though that might move them into the unknown. In the relationship context, this card suggests looking beyond the known environment and opening oneself to the possibilities of unknown. In an established relationship, it indicates an alignment in the partners’ plans about future; and if the relationship is problematic, it advises to employ a new perspective to shed light on the problems rather than cutting the romance short. Career-wise, Three of Wands suggests new successes coming after the pursuit of new opportunities and calls for looking for those. Moreover, it might also represent expanding into the new markets.
Summing up, Three of Cards is a card of the initial stages of expansion; representing moving fearlessly into new areas; with the foresight gained by planning and studying those new areas well.

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