Card Profile: Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords is the matriarch of the Court of Swords; like the Page, she is perceptive; and as the Knight; she is a quick thinker. Furthermore, she is well organized and rigorous, coming with experience.



The Queen of Swords is depicted as a lady sitting on a throne; wearing a white dress and a sky-blue cloak embroidered with clouds. Her left hand is extended in the act of offering whereas with her right hand she holds a sword pointed upwards. The throne she is sitting on is decorated with an angel, two crescent moons, and a butterfly. Behind her, there is a dense body of clouds; and the trees are blown by the wind, though to a lesser extent than in the previous cards. Above her crown, in far behind; a single bird can be discerned.

The sword in the left hand of the Queen symbolizes the clarity of her thinking; which she gained through her experiences with challenges. The head of the Queen is above the clouds, which can be said to represent that she has developed her intellect to rise above the mentioned challenges. Her left hand represents her compassionate side, offering her wisdom to those who need and willing to listen. The white dress of the Queen represents her purity, while the red details of it correspond to her passion for life. Furthermore, the angel on her throne represents the alignment with the Infinite oneness; while the crescent moons symbolize that she has also discovered her subconscious; the butterfly on the throne completes this scene by expressing the mind. These three, together, connote a balance of mind, emotions, and spirit, perhaps this is providing the Queen with clarity.  The single bird above the head of Queen represents the adaptability of the Queen’s intellect, always able to provide solutions to the problems of mundane reality. The wind is milder on this card, adding up to the overall sense of growth and sustenance.

It’s possible to climb to the top without stomping on other people.

-Taylor Swift


The Queen of Swords depicts a mainly intellectual and all-inclusive level of understanding which, despite being stern, is not devoid of emotions. This card calls for making decisions unbiasedly; gathering together every piece of factual information to provide a basis and then giving the final shape to that decision with compassion towards others. A person represented by this card would be intelligent, honest and decisive; and although she might present herself as cruel, deep in her heart; she is compassionate and caring. In the relationship context, she is keen on her independence and leaning to involve only a relationship of “true commitment”. In an existing relationship, this card calls for giving each other some independence and freedom within the boundaries of a committed relationship. Career-wise, this card indicates a need to make well-researched, impartial and efficient decisions to succeed; it corresponds to a time of logic and rationality.

Summing up, the Queen of Swords is a card of spot-on perceptions, intelligence, and analytical thinking; but warning against being cold-hearted and leaving emotions entirely outside of the doors.

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