Card Profile: Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords can be described as the card of nightmares, representing the anxiety, depression, and fear arising at the near-completion stage of mental processes.



Nine of Swords depicts a female figure sitting up in her bed at nighttime, with her head between her hands. She appears to waken up by a nightmare, or unable to sleep; and whatever is the case, she seems to be upset, fearful and anxious. The base of her bad depicts a battle scene in which one person is toppled by another, and her blanket is decorated with roses and zodiac symbols. Above her bed; on the wall, the swords of this card are hanged.

The card clearly symbolizes the fear and nightmares, a predominantly psychological discord. The discord is related to the future and not the present reality; as represented by the astrological symbols on the blanket; anticipations, expectations, and fears shape today’s actions; which in turn shape the future. If one does not let the negative feelings control his actions, he will discover hope as well, as represented by the roses. Henceforth, this card can be said to solidify a warning against self-fulfilling prophecies of doom.

Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.



Worry is not always an obstacle; it might at times help one to plan and carry out his objectives. However, worrying too much and letting it take over the compassion might become an immobilizing obstacle, as the Nine of Swords suggest. Thus, this card advises against over-worrying and unnecessary self-criticism; and recommends working on the fears; not by trying to ignore them, but by contemplating methods to overcome them. A person represented by this card, however; would be a natural pessimist, always considering the worst-case scenario and trapping himself in anxiety and stress. More often than not, he would underestimate himself and have a low self-perception. Career-wise, this card indicates an anxiety and stress about an issue in work and calls for employing a new perspective; even in the cases where a major mistake is haunting one; and not letting oneself feel down because of these. In the relationship context, this card indicates that a fear of loneliness and calls for letting that fear go to prevent it overcoming the focus for getting together with true love. In an existing relationship, this card might signify worries on the direction of the relationship.

Summing up, the Nine of Swords is a card of fear and anxieties; but both are just feelings and most of the time; it is in one’s hands to not manifest them into the reality.

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