Card Profile: Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords is a card about limitations in the mental processes and overcoming them to harvest their fruits and continue to achieve completion.



Eight of Swords depict a young lady blindfolded and tied; encircled by the swords of the card. Beneath her, there are puddles, and behind her a mighty castle on top of a hill is visible.

The bondage and blindfold of the young lady apparently represent a limitation or feelings of being trapped. The swords of the card imply that the sense of being limited is due to mental processes; what is pointed out is a risk coming with overthinking. The puddles further strengthen this symbolism, the feet of the young lady does not touch the puddles, which represents emotions and subconscious, which might free her in the end. The castle is far behind, implying that only herself can save her from the trap, the nearest help being miles away.

Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind. 

-Ramana Maharshi


Eight of Swords connotes the feeling of being trapped by thoughts, perhaps due to escaping from the change of perspective. To move forward, this card calls for bringing together the mental capabilities and intuition. Furthermore, representing a powerless figure; this card also advises to gain personal power and accountability back. A person represented by this card would be entrapped within victim mentality, at the same time refusing both to listen and to seek a way out. Career-wise, this card indicates a feeling of restriction; and to get rid of it, it calls for looking beyond the options presented. It might also represent feeling the burden of debts. In a relationship context, the Eight of Swords suggest that one is confining herself only to some stereotypical requirements and therefore setting herself to failure. In an existing relationship, this card implies that the relationship is no longer serving one and rather creating a feeling of being trapped. .

All in all, the Eight of Swords represent the sense of feeling trapped and restricted, from which one can only be saved by himself.


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