Card Profile: Two of Swords

Two of Swords is the second card of the Suit of Swords. It represents the initiation or initial expansion of the mental processes into manifestation; as such, it stands for indecisiveness and stalemate.



The Two Swords depicts a blindfolded female figure, calmly balancing two swords over her shoulders. She is dressed up in white, and behind her; there is a body of water with rocks. Above her, the Crescent Moon is rising.

The blindfolded eyes of the figure suggest that she is not yet aware that she is initiating the manifestation of potential; still, she is neither afraid nor unsafe. Although the manifestation is that of a mental potential; it is stimulated by subconscious (represented by the body of water) and the wisdom of the collective conscious (represented by the Crescent Moon). The position of the swords indicates her need to make a balanced decision, taking into account all aspects of the situation; using her knowledge and logic. Furthermore, as she does not seem to be a restrained state; she can be said to have blindfolded herself not to get obstructed by her observations while the decision needs to be based on knowledge and logic.


Two of Swords represent the ambivalence and difficulty of making a choice; and calls for making a decision with best intentions, and without much apprehension about the painful consequences. Moreover; when making that decision, this card asks for adopting a balanced approach, relying on analytical skills and experience rather than anxieties. A person represented by this card might either be an uncertain, indecisive person or a character that weighs up his options with knowledge and yearns to make balanced decisions. In a relationship context, this card might indicate a stalemate between two potential “beloved” and warns that the situation is unsustainable. In an existing relationship, this card might call for listening to other parties point of views to maintain the balance of the relationship. Career-wise, this card asks for weighing up the options with their pros and cons; according to hardly-earned experience before pursuing one of them; a hard but necessary choice.

Summing up, this card indicates a time where the mental potential –both the skills and knowledge- has to be put into use predominantly to resolve a situation; but in generally to achieve a balance.

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