Card Profile: Ace of Swords

Suit of Swords; being the correspondence of the Classical Element Air; is associated with mental processes; in other words, with ambition, conflict, and action.

Ace of Swords is the first card of the Suit of Swords; representing the indication of a mental process to begin. As such, it might mean a mental break-through or budding of ambition.



Like all Aces, the Ace of Swords depicts a white hand appearing out of the clouds and offering an object. In the Ace of Swords, that object is an upright sword. At the tip of the sword, the is a crown and a wreath. Around the sword, there are sparks shaped like the Hebrew Letter Yodh (י). Beneath the hand and the sword, the landscape is comprised of barren mountains.

The hand appearing out of the cloud can be said the represent the link between the essence (aether) and mundane reality, as was the case in the Ace of Cups. However, here the connection is between the Infinite Oneness and the mind and intellect, as the Sword suggests.The Crown on the tip of the Sword strengthens the relationship between the mind and the Infinite Oneness; because out of the aspects of individuity; the mind is the most analogous with the Infinite Oneness, although Infinite Oneness first reflects on the emotions. The laurel wreath represents the success and attainment that is an outcome of mental processes. When it comes to the background, it can be said to correspond to the predetermined, no-surprise and sometimes cold operation of mental processes. The Hebrew Letter Yodh (י), in the Ace of Swords, correspond to the mental dimension of Creation and participation of man in that.


Ace of Swords stands for the mental potential or initiation of an ambition; which can be both destructive and creative, depending on how it is realized. It also represents a period of high mental clarity or inspiration, perhaps the awareness of a new method of thinking. A person represented by this card would be highly creative in respect of solutions and an analytic thinker. In a relationship context, this card indicates a mentally stimulating encounter or, in an established relationship; another level of mutual understanding; in both cases, it implies a positive breakthrough. Career-wise, it indicates a job or an assignment which requires putting analytical abilities to use rather than just doing something.

It’s all about consistency, and what makes a child or a dog secure: order, clarity – all those things. 

-Jane Siberry

All in all, Ace of Swords; being first of the Suit of Swords, represent the initiation of a mental process, be it through stimulation, inspiration or ambition.

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