Card Profile: Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups is the second most senior Court Card of the Suit of Cups; the one before the final card of the Suit, King of Cups. As such, she is a mother-like figure and represents a compassionate,  nurturing and receptive turn at the emotional processes.


Queen of Cups is depicted as a woman sitting on a throne on the coast of the sea. The Queen is dressed up in white from top to bottom and wears a cloak that resembles both the color and waves of the sea. In her hands, she holds an enclosed gaudy chalice, whose handles are angelic figures and whose lid resembles the roof of a church. The queen’s foot lays on the colourful rocks that have been washed ashore.  The stone throne of the Queen is adorned with baby sea-nymphs, fishes and it has a conch shaped similar to a scallop shell. In distance, made visible by the clear weather and the cloudless sky; a cliff meets the sea.
Angels on the sides of the chalice and nymphs on the throne both represent the pursuits that outreach from the boundaries of individuality into the Infinite Oneness. As such, the enclosed cup seems to hide the wisdom of that pursuit behind the ornament; similar to the purpose of the veil in the High Priestess card. The fish and the sea represent the subconscious; and the immensity of the sea implies the transivity between the subconscious the collective conscious of the Infinite Oneness. The scallop shell represents the protection of the essence of life where its manifestation changes in cycles.


The Queen of Cups is a caring and sensitive figure, and she also represents emotional connections, fairness and intuitive wisdom. In a reading, it calls for showing compassion and focusing on emotional processes rather than rational ones; and extending an hand those who are broken and suffering; but also warns one to protect herself when doing so. A person represented by this card would be loving, sensitive, gentle and calm; as well as devoted. She would be driven by emotions and she would be receptive about the emotional processes of those around her. In a relationship context, this card indicates that following the intuition and being loyal to his true self would lead one to a relationship in which there is a deep love and strong emotional connection; and it also calls for communicating the feelings. Career-wise, this card implies a work that will have long-term impact and  creativity would be an asset; and also a supportive, nurturing work environment.
Empathy is the faculty to resonate with the feelings of others. When we meet someone who is joyful, we smile. When we witness someone in pain, we suffer in resonance with his or her suffering. 

-Matthieu Ricard
Queen of Cups, to sum up; calls for listening to the intuition, keeping emotions ahead of logic and restore and rehabilitate those who are broken to the extent possible without harming one’s own integrity: It is a card of empathy and caring.

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