Card Profile: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups is the second Court figure of the Suit of Cups, and what was an initial discovery in the Page of Cups is becoming a full-fledged adventure in this card.


Knight of Cups is depicted as a young man on a gracious white horse. Apparently, he has no other armament than the cup he holds. When it comes to his apparel, he is wearing a garment embroidered with fishes; and over his head, he wears a winged helmet. In front of the, there is a river; and on the other side of the river, a steep is striking up.
The horse symbolizes drive and energy; and a white horse, in this case, implies the Knight is driven by spirituality and not by material motivations. Moreover, the Knight of Cups seems to be messenger rather than a warrior. This symbolism is strengthened by the winged helmet, which is also the insignia of Greek deity of messengers, Hermes. The cup he holds and the decorations on his garment signify that he is tasked by the creativity via subconscious; by the unknowable Source. The river before him symbolize the flow of emotions, and it is not an obstacle for his mission; the obstacle is the might cliff across the river; implying that he has to manifest his message by the diligent utilization of material resources and opportunities.


Knight of Cups stands for a journey that contains joy and meaning. On that journey, one is to be aided by his intuition and emotions and would not be afraid to share his overflowing gratification from life with his encounters. A person represented by this card would be romantic, passionate and as the Knight of Cups is guided by emotions; he would be creative and idiosyncratic. Nonetheless, he might not be prone to devotion and loyalty; as he has his journey to proceed. In the relationship context, this card might indicate a charming encounter, someone who can gain one’s heart; but that “passion” might not last. In an existing relationship, this card signifies that the relationship is still romantic and a positive development might happen. Having said that, on the face of problems; this card calls for stopping idealizing the “love” and contemplating how the relationship would impact one in the long haul. Career-wise, this card indicates a new opportunity in which one can utilize the material resources with his overflowing creativity and other than that, is a positive card.
I’m not a happy-ending person. I want to know what happens once Cinderella rides off with Prince Charming. 
-Melissa Joan Hart
All in all, the Knight of Cups is the card of “prince charming”; but it also reminds that “prince charming” is a fiction; and like all fiction, there is a risk of make-believe. As such it calls for utilization of that magic without losing touch with reality.


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