Card Profile: Page of Cups

Page of Cups represents the discovery of new feelings, exploration of creativity and therefore implies the new beginnings, sensually.


The Page of Cups is depicted as a young male figure on the coast of a rough sea. He holds a cup in his right hand, whereas his left hand is at his waist; and he is looking at the cup, out of which a fish emerges; apparently talking to the figure. The Page’s attire consists of a blue tunic embroidered with flowers, a blue hat with an extension hanging down to his shoulders, red leggings, and the undergarment of the same color.
The fish emerging from the cup represent the confounding and timeless occurrence of inspiration and implies that inspiration is nothing but surfacing of the ideas to the conscious from the subconscious, and to there from the collective consciousness, but the sudden and surprising appearance of it imbowers this process. The flowers embroidered on the tunic of the Page of Cups represent creativity, or in other words; the continuum of the process mentioned above. The blue color in the Page’s attire implies the calmness and mindfulness of his character. The red leggings and the undergarment of the same color represent the passion and excitement for life, which fuels the new beginnings on the emotional plane and explorations on the intuitive and creative side. The rough sea in the background represent the dynamic continuation of the flow of emotions, from the subconscious to conscious and vice-versa, always moving; but ever-present.


Page of Cups is a card that signifies unexpected yet welcomed opportunities as regards the emotional processes; that might be the beginning of a new friendship or relationship. The card also indicates another unexpected and welcomed breakthrough, that being the exploration of creative side, expanding with inspiration. Being a card of beginnings and initiation of emotional and creative processes, the Page of Cups calls for laying more trust on the intuition, even if that means suspending rationality for a while. A person represented by this card would be emotional, creative and friendly; he would not hesitate to offer help when needed albeit he might be vulnerable from time to time. In a relationship reading, this card indicates either renewal or beginning of a romance and calls for experiencing the excitement and joy of mutual attraction. Career-wise, this card means that things are getting better, due to the emergence of a new opportunity; and advises to focus on creative aspects of work.
Status will get you nowhere. Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone.
-Mitch Albom
Summing up, while the Page of Cups stands for a development unexpected and surprising; it encourages one to go for the opportunity provided by that development; as it will bring love and creativity into one’s life; or at least would constitute a step into the discovery and expansion of those qualities.

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