Card Profile: Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups depicts the attainment of an emotional process and does so through the depiction of a happy family. As such, this card shows the shrewdest symbolism and betides felicitous developments.


In this card; a family consisting of a mother, a father and their two children is illustrated. The kids are dancing merrily, and the couple is physically united as well. Their house is visible in the distance, surrounded by trees and on the coast of a river. Over them, ten cups are arranged on a rainbow, crowning their harmony and happiness.
The couple represents the bond of love; and the children imply that the bond is not abstract; through the balance and alignment it provides; one is adorned with the competence to create. The home symbioses the security, comfort, and stability, whereas the river, denotes that the harmony is not inert but rather dynamical; it is reached by an uninhibited flow of emotions. The trees around the home symbolize abundance and fertility. The cups aloft also symbolize abundance, evocated by the harmony and alignment of the happy nuclear family.
The greatest power that a human possesses is the power of pure love.
-Debasish Mridha


The Ten of Cups is a card of fulfillment, joy, and happiness; in particular on the emotional plane, considering the happy family portrait. Apart from the emotional plane, this card calls to stick with beliefs on what will bring fulfillment and alignment with those beliefs – it can be considered as a card that calls to listen to intuition. A person represented by this card, therefore, would be honest, confident and content; valuing his relationships above anything else. In a relationship context, this card indicates that establishing the “ideal family” is not beyond the borders of the realms of possibility. Therefore, Ten of Cups is a positive sign for a relationship, representing the almightiness of the connection of love. Career-wise, this card indicates the need for an emotional connection to work rather than just material aspirations; as material abundance would follow the personal connection to the labor. Nonetheless; it might also remind the necessity of the work-family balance.
Summing up, with the Ten of Cups, the emotional process is attained; and the imagery of the card reminds the power of love; which is both enduring and procreative.

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