Card Profile: Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups is the stage of near-completion of an emotional process, depicting contentment, a sense of comfort and satisfaction.



The Nine of Cups shows a chubby man in a white robe sitting on a wooden bench; with his arms crossed. His face shows contentedness, and he is wearing a red hat. Behind him; over a shrouded pedestal (wall, arch) nine cups have been meticulously arranged in a row. The dominant colors of this card are gold and navy blue (the color of the fabric that shrouds the pedestal).
The man, although he has accomplished what he has been yearning for, is not retired. As the red hat over his head represents, his energy and passion for achieving more are still alive; but he is most certainly enjoying the prosperity he has attained. Furthermore; while he is eager to go on; he would not do so by abandoning his prosperity; he would build upon his previous accomplishments and would protect them. The general feeling of the Nine of Cups card is honesty and abundance.
Work is a way of bringing order to chaos, and there’s a basic satisfaction in seeing that we are able to make something a little more coherent by the end of the day. 
-Alain de Botton


The Nine for Cups indicates accomplishments or fulfillment of the wishes; and as such, it shadows forth a period of happiness and contentment. Nonetheless, this card also warns against conformism and calls for advancement, for which the previous accomplishment would serve as a strong foundation. A person represented by this card would be confident, honest and albeit not modest; he would be helpful. In a relationship context, this card indicates a fulfilling and deepening relationship, and for that, it calls for focusing on the positive aspects and reinforcing them rather than seeing the shortcomings of the relationship. Career-wise, this card again represents success; perhaps in the form of a completed project or a successful interview. Moreover, the Nine of Cups also informs about an impending period of abundance.
Summing up, the Nine of Cups is a satisfaction card, but also warns against falling into conformity of that satisfaction and battening in lethargy.

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