Card Profile: Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups does represent the stage of an emotional process where one deals with confusion: That is not because of the lack of a path to follow, but due to the perceived multitude of them.



The Seven of Cups depicts an obscure figure, apparently confused, standing before seven chalices that have loomed from a thick haze. All of the chalices contain different objects: A human head, a shrouded and glowing figure, a snake, a treasure hoard, a castle, a laurel wreath and a dragon. The chalice which contains laurel wreath is also shadowed with the shape of a skull.

The chalices have loomed from a haze; which possibly indicates that they might be brain-children of the figure, conjured from over-thinking; which might result in confusion and delusion. The human head symbolizes companionship; the shrouded figure, need for illumination; snake, wisdom; tower, structure, and security; treasure hoard, abundance; laurel wreath, accomplishment; the dragon, supernatural. Furthermore, most of the objects are accompanied by either the implication of danger (e.g. the skull-like shadow on the chalice containing the laurel wreath) or the warning that they might be solely imaginary.


The Seven of Cups, in readings, calls to differentiate between wishful thinking and reality. Although feeling excitement by the anticipation of a bright future is a source of motivation, one should not ignore the possible difficulties on the way, and rather than going on dreaming, he should take action to realize those dreams. Furthermore, this card also points out that the options must be evaluated carefully and a sensible choice should be made as there is a risk of pursuing an illusion. A person represented by this card would be unrealistically optimistic about life and could be regarded as a day dreamer. In a relationship context, this card calls for deciding on what would be important in the long-term and commit to a realistic outcome, rather than pursue daily goals. Career-wise, the Seven of Cups indicate that there would be many choices available, over which a commitment would be made and calls for evaluating the possible outcomes carefully and making a commitment only after that. This card might also indicate a lack of focus in work.

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair. 

-C. S. Lewis

Summing up, the Seven of Cups calls for balancing the aspirations with analysis and action to realize the potential fully.

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