Card Profile: Four of Cups

Four of Cups signify the evaluation, reassessment, and contemplation of emotional processes. At this stage, the emotional process related to the question is nearly half-way; and one, rather than looking at the new onsets, is to tune within and seek the answers inside.


In this a card, a young man is depicted under a tree. He is sitting in a cross-legged position with his arms folded. Closed to the external world; he is reflecting upon himself apparently in a state of deliberation and thereby fails to notice the cup offered to him from the clouds. Before him, there are three other cups; on which his gaze is affixed.
The young man sitting under the tree is reminiscent of the story of Buddha; who sat under a tree for days and refused to stand until he reached the Truth. Buddha thought that he would grasp the Truth by isolation, as he would be pure from the influences of the material world; but then he understood that the Truth was also within the interpersonal relations. The young man in the Four of Cups; however, does still think that he can find the answers only by turning within and therefore he misses the gift of the inspiration from the Infinite Oneness. The three cups before him represent the road he has covered so far and the questions that got inside him on that road; leading to the need for contemplation and non-action for awhile.


Four of Cups is a card that calls for looking from the new perspective and keeping an eye open for new possibilities when deliberating upon a question. It also calls for evaluating both the old and new issues closely and weighing the fear of what might follow after the new offerings with its benefits. Furthermore, this card also denotes that although one has built a strong foundation, he should not take the rest of the process for granted. A person represented by this card, thus, would be introspective, withdrawn, prone to asceticism; and from time to time selfish. In a relationship context, this card calls for researching, meditating and thinking about it before making a commitment; and in a continuing relationship, to spend more time alone and on other pressing issues. Career-wise, this card represents a sense of boredom and lack of enthusiasm about the workplace or colleagues. It might be a solution to seek what might engage one’s interest.

Life is not long, and too much of it must not pass in idle deliberation how it shall be spent. 

-Samuel Johnson
Summing up, the Four of Cups calls for non-action, observation, and analysis; and keeping eyes open during that period for new opportunities.

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