Card Profile: Two of Cups

Two of Cups is the second in the Suit of Cups; and it represents the initiation of a promising emotional process; or, rather simply; the beginning of a potentially nurturing and powerful relationship.



Two of Cups depicts a young lady and a young man. Both of them are holding cups; but while the young lady is holding the cup with her two hands, the man is reaching out to her with his one hand. The lady, crowned with a laurel wreath, wears a blue and white robe; and the man is dressed in earth-toned clothes. Behind these two, there is a home on top of a green hill, and the sky looks clear. Between them;  a caduceus with a lion’s head is illustrated.
Two of Cups signifies the initiation of an emotional process or the potential for one. The caduceus; being the symbol of the Greek messenger deity Hermes; represents balance, negotiations, and communication. The intertwined snakes around the caduceus standing for diligence and prudence during that communication and the lion’s head symbolize the courage requiring nature of the initiation of emotional processes, and the passionate character of them. That is also underscored with man’s clothes, and balanced with the purity and wisdom represented by the colors of the lady’s dress. The house at the top of hill symbolizes the potential future of the relationship. It must be noted that the house is far behind and on top of a hill; though: This card indicates that there is a potential, but also denotes that realizing the potential might be challenging and not guaranteed. Laurel wreath; on the head of the lady; together with the wreath on the head of the man symbolize the rewarding character of emotional interactions.


Two of Cups can be considered to represent the potential for a balanced and harmonious union which will, in turn, produce power on beauty, regardless of whether it is a romantic union between two people or a joint venture between two enterprises. Other than that, this card is said to represent a mutual attraction for a relationship that would be nurturing and creative for both of the parties. A person represented by this card would be caring, understanding and respectful. In a relationship context, this card signifies that the relationship is becoming closer and blossoming, and it would be developed naturally, without any special effort and with no need for complications or calculations. Career-wise, this card may indicate a new direction in the business, possibly a partnership between two enterprises; which would be productive and rewarding or a new level of employment in which one would be more involved with his colleagues.
All in all, Two of Cups is a card of compassionate beginnings, yet it is up to one to embrace it and tackle the challenges along the way, to realize the potential visible at this beginning.

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