Card Profile: World (21)

The World is the last Major Arcanum; and being so, it represents completeness and the union with the collective consciousness of the Infinite Oneness. With the World card, the Fool achieves the awareness and realization of the wholeness of all there is; and completes the last stage of his journey.



The World card depicts a fair-haired hermaphrodite figure, completely unclothed except for the translucent purple sash covering her genitalia. She is apparently dancing in a wreath with a wand in each of her hands, and a red ribbon is tied both to the top and bottom of the wreath. The corners of the card; similar to the Wheel of Fortune; shows four creatures on the clouds; but this time, only their heads are visible.
The wreath around the figure symbolizes the accomplishment and fulfillment she has achieved.   The red ribbons that form two infinity symbols above and below her, on the wreath denote that this achievement is not a trophy; but rather a level of comprehension and subsistence that has permeates a flawless flow between subconscious, conscious and the collective conscious of the Infinite Oneness. This flow also conceives a sense of balance, depicted by her hermaphrodite features; yet now, the expression of the one who has reached the awareness of the Infinite Oneness is for teaching and giving; although she is to sustain herself by receiving. Thus; she is also a part of this balance; which is dynamic on the individual level but static on a cosmic level.
The four figures around the figure; in the clouds can be said to represent the qualities that have balanced to this fulfillment; courage, determination (faith), reason and sacrifice. Furthermore, they might also represent that the individuity is not an illusion; and it is an essential facet of the Infinite Oneness itself; as without it the Journey to the essential facet of the Infinite Oneness cannot be made and the tapestry of its collective consciousness cannot be grasped.


The World is a card of fulfillment and accomplishment; yet also that of involvement. The feeling it signifies is pure happiness; without any excitement; taking its source from the feeling of wholeness. A person represented by the World card would be satisfied with the fruits of his labor and would seek the sense of completion. In a relationship context; this card indicates a sense of completion through the relationship; perhaps finding the significant other or carrying the relationship to the next level. Career-wise, the World indicates completion of a major phase; which can both imply a retirement or completion of a huge project; and the experience and knowledge acquired during that phase would crown the sense of fulfillment acquired by the completion.
All in all, the World card signifies a sense of achievement through individuity, which, in turn, might lead to the grasp of the collective consciousness by sharing what one has achieved in the way.

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