Card Profile: Judgement (20)

The Judgement is the twenty-first card of the Major Arcana; and it is the last stop the Fool’s Journey before he arrives at the final destination. Here, the Fool reconciles with his previous experiences. With discerning that he is all his life experiences; the acceptance of his being not limited to them comes. Consequently, the Fool sets a foot to the top step of his journey, where he will be ready to forgather the spark within him with the essence of all there is, the Infinite Oneness.



The Judgement card depicts the resurrection of the dead; man, woman, and children; in their preserved albeit grayish bodies. Most of them are rising from the tombs; however, some are rising from the body of water. All of them, with their arms wide open, are reaching out to the Sky; where an angel is blowing a trumpet between the clouds. From the trumpet; a white flag with red cross hangs. In the background, there is a range of sharp mountains.
The flag on the trumpet symbolizes the Infinite Oneness, with its enunciation through four elements and the essence behind them; and it might also symbolize four stages of the circle of life: Birth, development, maturity and death. Here, the flag represents the calling of the trumpet. That calling is coming from the essential facet of the Infinite Oneness (as the angel is blowing the trumpet) or from the spark of that essence within oneself. The open arms of the dead symbolize that the individuity is now willing and potent to connect with the collectivity of the tapestry, the essence; which is the very last yet unavoidable choice, symbolized by the sharp mountains in the background. If one takes this calling; he can rise, and if not he can return to the dark, alone and finite circles of his individuity.


The central theme of this card is awakening; which can be construed on two fashions. First; that awakening might indicate opening up to a new possibility, which would enable one to be faithful to both himself and the spark within. Second, the awakening might be a production of self-evaluation, learning from the previous experiences and making peace with the past; consequently dispersing the shadows being carried around. This card calls for analysis with the light of intuition and then taking a life changing decision. A person represented by this card would be in pursuit of discovering and realizing his true self; and although he would be peace in himself, he would not be afraid of transformation if this is what he is “called” to. In a relationship reading, this card calls for one’s returning to himself if this is the “right” bond. Career-wise, this card indicates that either one is about to be promoted or he has received his “calling” profession-wise and should pursue it no matter what it takes.
Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment. 
-Lao Tzu
Summing up, this is a card that calls for listening to the inner voice, to go beyond the boundaries imposed by fear and delusions; as in any case one would gain the integrity and hence achieve the sense of self-fulfilment.

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