Card Profile: Sun (19)

The Sun is the twentieth Major Arcanum, and being a continuation of the Moon; it represents the sunrise after the lightless night eventuated from the disillusionment; suggesting vitality, truth, warmth, and joy.


In this card, a naked, fair-haired child is depicted on a white horse. He seems to be joyous, spreading his arms wide with a big smile on his face. On his left hand, he carries a red banner. Behind the child, there is a wall; apparently surrounding the garden of four sunflowers. Above them, there is the sun shining in the Sky.
The naked, fair-haired child represents the new-born life; with its intact potential and unspoiled beauty; as well as the clearance brought about his purity. The white horse construes that he is still on the move, but his journey is now a doddle. The Fool; processed, tested and strained on his Journey, is a few steps away from getting to grips with the essential aspect of the Infinite Oneness; whose beams has already been purifying and vivifying him. The Fool is in tune with the collective consciousness now; being in a state of perpetual awareness, he is full of joy and happiness. His essence is not yet one and same with the Infinite Oneness, but he is becoming more than a spark he was. The red banner on the child’s left hand represents his passion and energy to reach the terminus of his journey. The sunflowers behind the wall represent the mundane reality; representing the four elements of the suits of Minor Arcana; they are under the nurturing and vindication of the essence that is within and around them.


The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy. 

-Henry Ward Beecher
The Sun is the realization of inner light; and being a card full of youthful energy, it promises a sunny day. This card symbolizes clarification of foggy matters, everything slotting into their places and garnering the fruits of labor. A person represented by this card would be energetic, enthusiastic and positive and they would try to enjoy the life to the fullest. In a relationship context, this card signifies a positive and nurturing relationship, when the parties derive joy from each moment of other’s company. Career-wise, the Sun is a card of great success, recognition, and rewards.
The Sun card, in readings, to generalize; represent that everything is getting on track and happy days are there.

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