Card Profile: Moon (18)

The Moon is the nineteenth card of the Major Arcana. Being hidden behind the light it reflects; the Moon represents the unknown. It is a stage of Fool’s Journey where he faces the fears and anxieties arising from his unchartered subconscious, and with this confrontation comes a disillusionment.



This card shows a dog and a wolf baying at the Moon. They stand at the different sides of the path; which passes through two towers and goes on to cross the mountains far away. Behind the animals, there is a body of muddy water; and a crawfish is crawling out of it. The Moon who is illustrated with a concentrated facial expression emanates thirty-two rays, and below him; there are dribbles whose shape resemble the Hebrew Letter Yodh (י).

The body of muddy water represents the subconscious, and the crawfish represents the unharmful yet repellent creatures of it; more of than not, pushing one to go with instincts and not seeking. The Moon is reflecting the light of the essential facet of the Infinite Oneness, and for those who have not seen the source of that light; it is easy to be taken in by the reflection, yet the path to the Source is depicted as well; although its end is not in sight. The gut feeling is to be fascinated by the glimpse of the light of the Infinite Oneness, even if it a tarnished reflection. Here, the animals represent that fascination; there are baying at the reflection and welcome every granule of creation (represented by the dribbles) with awe, but they are unaware of the path right under their nose. The teachings and methods, symbolized by the two towers, can only guide until a certain point; yet the road is not a public highway, but an individual trail: Those who choose to undertake it have to walk the most on their own; both the path and the terminus are unknown.

For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.

-Carl Sagan

Having said that, the Moon can also brisk the subconscious to expostulate the consciousness of there is something behind the reflection, and the consciousness might decide to hit the road to the Infinite Oneness.


The Moon is a card of illusion and fear, calling for disillusionment and courage to overcome the fear. In a reading, it indicates that everything is not as it seems to be, and warns to look beyond their face value. A person represented by the Moon card would be intuitive and creative; but they too would have some answerless questions, which they choose to hide. In a relationship context; this card indicates that parties can be under the magic of the first sight and unable to see the lapses of each other; but if they manage to hold on after the disperse of that magic, the relationship would be strong and spirited. Career-wise; the Moon suggests that there might be some shady business going on, inhibiting the deserved success; this card calls for following the odors to their source rather than ignoring them.

Summing up, the Moon card asks for piercing the illusions and seeing beyond the curtain. However comfortable hiding behind the curtain might seem, the protection it appears to provide is not real.

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