Card Profile: Star (17)

The Star is the seventeenth stop of the Fool’s Journey; a place where he has a breathing space to restore his hope and faith in the Universe before moving on. Accordingly, this card calls for hope and optimism; as through them, the courage and motivation (to pursue the dreams) survives.



The Star card depicts a naked woman kneeling by the water. Left knee of the woman is on the land, and her right foot is on the water. She is pouring a liquid into the water and onto the land from the jugs she holds in her both hands, and it seems that what created the water body was the liquid she has been pouring into. On the land; there are budding plants. Behind them; on top of a hill, there is a tree with a bird singing on it. In the sky, there is a large, eight-pointed star; surrounded by seven smaller ones.

The eight-pointed star has multiple meanings in different cultures. For instance; it represents redemption and regeneration in Christianity, or with beginnings and resurrection in Judaism. In Hinduism; it represents abundance. As both the thirst of the soil is quenched and the body of water is formed through the liquid she is pouring; the liquid can be said to represent the water of life; and the naked woman represents the conception of it; albeit the life is yet to blossom. She, in a representation of the potential yet unborn, stands for hope; or in other words, a quiet waiting.

Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.

-Langston Hughes


The Star does not betide any imminent change, but it indicates that if one can pursue his path without being lured by distractions albeit not immediately, he is to get what he has been conjuring up. This card, therefore calls for trusting the Universe and oneself. As mentioned above; this card is a card of healing and rejuvenation; and in that aspect, it calls for forgiveness and letting go bitterness. A person represented by this card would be calm and always full of hope, and she would also inspire the others to be optimistic and self-confident. In a relationship context, this card represents a happy and promising relationship, in which the parties are feeling inspired and loved. Career-wise, this card indicates the great success and higher levels of achievement in the workplace, calling for giving back to the community by guiding and helping others.

All in all, although it does not represent any imminent change; the Star is a card that promises dreams are to come true if one does not let them slide.


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