Card Profile: Tower (16)

The Tower is the sixteenth stage of the Fool’s Journey; and needless to say, it represents the wreaking of structures that seem to be indestructible.



This card depicts a Tower on the summit of a mountain; struck by lightning and breaking out in fire and smog; from top to down. Two figures; a man and a woman; seeming to be falling head first out of the flaming Tower. They seem to be royal figures; as the woman, blue has a crown although the man does not. The man is dressed in blue and red; while the woman wears a blue dress with red shoes underneath. The lightning is coming from the right of the Tower, and it has knocked off the Crown on top of it to the left. The sparklings of the Fire, around the Tower; have the shape of the Hebrew Letter Yodh (י).

The Tower represents the beliefs or constructions about the Truth. Although they seem almighty and took time and effort to grasp, they can be struck down by a sudden revelation, represented by the lightening. The figures are falling head first; as the revelation is coming above; from the essential facet of the Infinite Oneness, and not from below. That being said; neither the wisdom they reached, nor their passion for ascending is not demolished, they a shaken, but not shattered as they are separate from the Tower, or their wrong conclusions.

Yodh (י), in Kabbalah; represents the initiation of Creation. In the Tower card, it represents that with the demolishment of the Tower or false beliefs, the Fool is enabled to build again. Although the demolishment might be shocking and devastating, it is for the better.

In every change, in every falling leaf there is some pain, some beauty. And that’s the way new leaves grow.

-Amit Ray


The Tower represents the old structures that are no longer serving one. Although letting them go might be painful; it is necessary without getting rid of old structures -be it patterns of thought, lifestyle or belief systems- one cannot build new and lucrative ones. Destruction is not only essential but also inevitable; and for those who are confined behind the crown of ego and unable to embrace the impending demolishment, it would be harder to restructure themselves. A person represented by the Tower card would have a revolutionary character and would not be afraid to challenge beliefs of both himself and others. On the downside; they might be chaotic, both feeding on and feeding the chaos. In the relationship context, the card might imply a major sudden and unexpected change or maybe an ending; in any case surfacing of the truths. Career-wise, this card shadows forth a crisis or a major organizational change and advises for a Plan B.

Summing up; the Tower is a card for destruction, albeit it creates room for the better; the destruction is still to shake and thus, one should better brace himself.


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