Card Profile: Temperance (14)

The Temperance is the last card of the second phase of Fool’s Journey; at this stage, the Fool completes his ripening and is subjected to a test before he sets a foot to the last phase.



At the center of the Temperance, there is an angel figure; pouring a liquid from a cup to another. Dressed in white, the angel has wings of scarlet color. On the chest area, there is a square and within it a triangle. Above the square and triangle, the Tetragrammaton is shown. Upon the figure’s forehead, there is the symbol of the Sun, and a nimbus is gleaming around the head. This angel figure is considered to be androgynous. (1) The angel has one foot in a body of clear water, and the other on the stones near the body of water. Next to the Angel; there is a reed-bed with two golden flowers. In the background, a path goes over the green hills and a mountain range; behind which a double crown is shining with a great light.

The pouring of the liquid between the cups represents the reach from individual levels of consciousness to the collective consciousness of the Infinite Oneness. A foot of the angel is in the waters of sub-consciousness, which seems to be clarified through a balance with the consciousness, represented by the stones the angel has his other foot on. Together; they indicate a steady and staunch level of individual consciousness. The androgynous appearance of the angel suggest another balance; the one between masculine and feminine energies; receiving and giving, learning and teaching and so on. The colored triangle within the white square implies this individual level of consciousness, however strong it seems; exists within a greater consciousness: It is just a single color of an infinitely broad spectrum. The triangle is erect, pointing towards to the Tetragrammaton; “All there was/is/will be” and thus indicate men’s inclination and design to forgather with the collective consciousness. As when the different colors disappear in the white light but are in fact contained in it; the individual levels of consciousness would annihilate, or burn in the Infinite Oneness. This symbolism is further strengthened by the scarlet colors of the wings of the angel.

The angel himself has not burned into the Infinite Oneness. He is well-equipped, well-balanced and strong enough to annihilate his individual consciousness and has enlightened with the awareness that what he perceives as his own consciousness is a spark of what is one and same; but he is at the parting of the ways. He can either walk the path to add his spark to the light of Infinite Oneness or not do it; and lead a successful, abundant yet a purposeless life. The test this card represents is whether the Fool, now matured, awakened and ripened, would choose to go on and fulfill his purpose or not.


This card calls for balance and moderation in one’s life; and indicates that through avoiding the extremes, a sense of tranquility can be brought. It also suggests the existence of a long-term plan or a purpose and existence of an alignment between body, mind, and spirit. A person represented by this card would be grounded and balanced; he would have a soothing effect for those around him; especially in fiery times. In a relationship context, the Temperance would indicate strengthening and deepening of the bond, and harmonious union of the parties. In the face of problems, the Temperance calls for compromise and not escalating the issue. Career-wise, this card implies the need to establish a balanced approach to work; not consuming oneself in it and showing patience towards the co-workers. Summing up, the Temperance can be considered a card for balance and moderation; as this creates the ground to ascend from.

Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice. 

-Thomas Paine


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(1) Waite, A. E. (n.d.). The Pictorial Key to the Tarot. Retrieved February 03, 2017, from

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