Card Profile: Justice (11)

The Justice is the twelfth Major Arcanum; showing the proverbial personification of Lady Justice; albeit with minor alterations. This card’s message provides a methodology to elucidate the previous card’s (Wheel of Fortune) message for acknowledgment, internalization, and sensation of unity.



The Justice shows the Lady Justice sitting on a throne, between two gray columns. On her right hand she holds a sword, raised upwards; and on her left hand she holds a scale; interestingly, she is not blindfolded. On her head, she wears a golden crown; which has a single adornment on it: A blue square. She wears a red dress and a green cloak, and the cloak is affixed with a rectangular gold clasp which also has a red square nailed on it. Behind her; between two columns, there is a thick purple veil.

The Justice card, like the Strength card, represents acquiring a skill; that of behavior without favoritism and discrimination.  Her crown represents her alignment with the Universe, and attainment of the skill she represents at the highest and most comprehensive levels. For this reason, she does not wear a blindfold; as there is no way she could be deceived or bribed. The sword on her right hand represents her well-ordered and rational mental processes; and it also corresponds that no hesitation to take any necessary measure to maintain righteousness would be displayed. The scales on her left hand indicate that the Justice is not a default concept, but rather the union of wisdom and understanding; the first to be attained from the outer world, and the second to be kneaded in the inner world through intuition. Without understanding, it would be cruelty; and without wisdom, it would be non-effective.

Green and red colors of the dress of the Lady Justice betides another duality. Red stands for her power, courage, and anger; whereas the green symbolizes healing, prosperity, and growth. Together, they indicate the process and outcomes of the Justice. Although it might be painful to swallow, Justice is the strongest and single effective medicine for growth, both at personal, societal and spiritual levels: One who is not just in measuring himself cannot attain self-development as he would not be able to see his shortcomings; and a society without impartial Justice will go in flames.
The rectangular details on her crown and clasp show the well-ordered mental mechanisms she holds and through which she maintains her tranquility and calmness. The red circle within the square on her clasp shows her union with the Higher and that the Justice is not only a competence for a single level of perception. The gray columns and the purple veil, together indicate her existence in three tiers; body, mind, and spirit.

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. 

-Martin  Luther King, Jr.


The Justice calls for an analytical and comprehensive approach that takes all of the factors into account and then acting upon it. It is both a principle, process and an outcome. In a reading, it indicates that what is deserved is to come around or whatever the question is, it might be resolved through a cool-headed and impartial measurement. A person represented by this card would be an objective and truthful person, a person that one can turn for fair and honest assessment of the affairs; albeit she might seem to be inflexible and cruel sometimes.  In a relationship reading, this card indicates that the relationship is giving whatever is put in: A loving and kind approach would receive the same, so will insensitive and harsh behavior. This card might also signify a formalization of the relationship. Career-wise, this card calls for a balanced approach to work, not ignoring the other aspects of one’s life; and indicates that the work might be calling for a strict alignment with the rules of conduct.
All in all; the Justice is a card for objectivity, balance, and impartiality; as through these a person can sustain and continuously develop herself.

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