Card Profile: Lovers (6)

The Lovers is the seventh card of the Major Arcana, and represents the stage of Fool’s Journey when he discovers that he comprises both the feminine and masculine energies; which have been archetyped in the High Priestess and the Magician cards respectively.



The Lovers card shows two fair-haired naked figures, a man and a woman. Behind the woman is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, with the serpent wrapped around it. Behind the man is the Tree of Life; yielding twelve fruits of fire. They stand on the green meadows; with the background showing a single mountain. Between them, there is a majestic angelic figure arising from the clouds, garnished with a purple robe; his both hands are raised. The woman is gazing towards the angel, while the man is looking at the woman. Behind the angel, at the top of the card, the Sun is emanating its rays with all its glory.

The Tree of Knowledge, symbolizing the truth, is reminiscent of what is meant by “feminine energy”: intuition, learning and nurturing through knowledge; whereas the Tree of Life, with the fruits of fire; reminds the “masculine energy”: passion, focusing and acting. The meadows indicate that through the coming together of them one can take a step towards becoming “one”, yet the mountain hill implies that the quest of acknowledging and realizing these two aspects of existence might be a challenging one. The man; driven with physical desire, is looking at the woman; as such, he symbolizes body. The woman; looking at the angel, is seeking the truth; in this respect, she corresponds to the emotions and mind and the Angel, with his content feature; represents the Spirit. Bringing these together; the Lovers card also represents the three concurring dimensions of existence; at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and calls for the postulation of this.

Your love lifts my soul from the body to the sky
And you lift me up out of the two worlds.
I want your sun to reach my raindrops,
So your heat can raise my soul upward like a cloud.

-Rumi, from Thief of Sleep by Shahram Shiva

The angel seems to be Raphael as he is arising from the clouds and the scenery is reminiscent of the Adam and Eve narrative. With with the sun shining brightly behind him; he symbolizes an end to feelings of loneliness, rejuvenation, removal of restrictive thinking and so on: He is the nourishing and healing angel of air.


The Lovers is a card of union, affection, and love at both the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This three are not inherently separate from each other, more often than not, one paves the way for another: One who is capable of desiring another, is also capable of loving her; and one he is capable of loving another can feel the Divine love.

In readings; therefore, the Lovers card corresponds to love and connection. A person represented by the Lovers card would be sincere, open and communicative; he would be a straight-out person of high moral standing. In the relationship context, this card would stand for a harmonious and fulfilling relationship both at the physical and emotional levels, as it is the card for Love. Career-wise, it implies a communicative and close relationship between colleagues; and calls for not seeing the problems as battles but discords that can be overcome through harmony and collaboration.

All in all, this card points out that a loving and communicating approach, being open to oneself and those around him; is also a building stone of one’s growth and development.

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