Card Profile: Magician (1)

The magician is the number one card of the Major Arcana. Being numbered one, it follows the Fool and is the second card of this Arcana. It represents the masculine principle of the Universe.


In this card, the magician is depicted as a young man standing behind a wooden table. Just above the head of the magician, there is an infinity symbol. His apparel, which looks neat and tidy, consists of a white robe, a blue belt, and a red cloak. His right hand, in which he holds a staff, is raised towards the sky whereas his left hand points to the earth. On the wooden table, he stands behind; there is a sword, a pentacle, a cup and a wand. Both the bottom and top edges of the card departures a variety of flowers.
The predominant color in this card is gold; and this, among other things, indicates that this card symbolizes strength and vitality.  The white robe represents the innocence and purity is still dominant; however,  the Magician also has a lust and desire, symbolized by his red cloak. These two different attributions are balanced with his blue belt, which symbolizes the pursuit of truth and wisdom. Both the direction of the hands of the magician and the infinity symbol above his head represents a harmonious, balanced interaction between the subconscious (or the Spirit) and the conscious (or the Material World). The objects on the wooden table are the four suits of the Minor Arcana, which in turn represent the four Classical Elements through which the quintessence is expressed: The Magician being the quintessence, he is in possession of all the tools that he needs to manifest himself.

Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.

-Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym


The Magician is a card of ability, or in other words, being capable of realizing the potential. It represents the creative power and energy to draw the resources together and pull out successful works or solutions out of them. Having said that, this card does not imply that the success in the endeavor is granted – it signals that it is strongly dependent on concentration, awareness, and motivation. To clarify, the Magician promises manifestation on the grounds that there is both the focus and outreach. Here, the outreach is twofold, and it signifies the cognizance of the availability of the resources and the awareness of one’s abilities. The magic is taking the resources and giving them shape through willpower.

In a reading, the person symbolized by the Magician would be prone to industriousness, creatively smart and competent in his craft and broadly in his endeavors in life. The main feature of his character would be his resoluteness to “make it happen”; yet this resoluteness would be achieved through research, planning, and motivation rather than brute force or wishful thinking. In a relationship context; the Magician implies the eagerness to improve the relationship, learning from the old relationships and carrying any motion that would make the relationship a success. Career-wise, this card indicates that the skills and the job are matching each other like a key and lock; in other words, that one is able to make use of his skill set in his position, yielding excellent outcomes.

To sum up, the Magician card is an action-oriented one, which annotates accomplishment of goals by utilizing the tools in possession; prerequisite of this utilization being the focus, research, outreach (awareness) and the motivation to accomplish.


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