Directory of Tarot Card Profiles

Initial posts on Tarophilia, under the “Tarot Card Profiles” category, aims to go over Tarot Arcana; first on the whole and then one-by-one, in detail.  This page is designed as the Directory of the Tarot Card Profiles, and hosts links to the description and annotation of each Tarot Arcanum.

 To access the profile of a card, please click on its name. 

Major Arcana

The Fool’s Journey through Major Arcana can be broken down into three equal parts; as Rumi expressed the outcome of his life in three lines:

(0) The Fool is
raw and unripe,  cooked and matured,  burned.
(1) The Magician (8) Strength (15) The Devil
(2) The High Priestess (9) The Hermit (16) The Tower
(3) The Empress (10) Wheel of Fortune (17) The Star
(4) The Emperor (11) Justice (18) The Moon
(5) The Hierophant (12) The Hanged Man (19) The Sun
(6) The Lovers (13) Death (20) Judgement
(7) The Chariot (14) Temperance (21) The World

Minor Arcana


AceTwoThreeFour • FiveSix • Seven • EightNineTenPageKnightQueen • King


AceTwo • ThreeFour • Five Six • Seven • EightNineTenPageKnightQueenKing


AceTwoThreeFourFiveSix • Seven • EightNineTenPageKnightQueenKing


AceTwoThree • FourFiveSix • Seven • EightNineTenPageKnightQueenKing

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